Flesh & Blood

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Despite the name, Flesh and Blood is a relatively simple TCG that won’t leave you covered in cuts and bruises—not literally, anyway. Hailing from Legendary Story Studios in New Zealand, the game involves pitting your hero against your opponent’s in a back-of-forth game of might and magic, using equipment, abilities, and some plain old witsContinue reading "Flesh & Blood"

Yu-Gi-Oh Weekly OTS Play

Centreville 2478 Centreville Rd, Suite C, Centreville

Central Gaming is an Official Tournament Store for Yu-GI-Oh! That means it’s time to start our weekly store tournament! Join CGC every Tuesday for a 3-round tournament where players receive 2 OTS packs for playing with the chance to win additional packs. These OTS packs feature awesome cards from all over Yu-GI-Oh’s meta, sometimes reprintedContinue reading "Yu-Gi-Oh Weekly OTS Play"