Last Night on Earth Might Be Your New Favorite Board Game

This week for our Spooktober blog post, I wanted to highlight a board game that I just got to see for the first time. This isn’t saying too much though, the game was released in the 2000’s! This is a game that I did not mention in last week’s spooky board games list. We recently got a couple copies of Last Night on Earth in and it looks too cool. I was tempted to pick up a copy for myself, but I didn’t want to take a chance at this experience away from all of you.

Let’s talk about some of the things that make this game so awesome!

What’s it about?

Last Night on Earth is a 2-6 player survival horror game where you take on the role of a small town hero against a horde of zombies trying to overrun the town! The zombies are trying to kill all of the humans in town before the game ends.

A team of four heroes is chosen and run by one group of players. Meanwhile, one or two other players get to control the zombies!

Last Night on Earth – Flying Frog Productions
Last Night on Earth – Flying Frog Productions

Modular Board

One of the cool things about this game is that there is a center piece of the board that remains constant from game to game, but the outside edge is ever-changing. This provides infinite replayability.


Every time you play, you have the opportunity to select a different scenario. This changes the plot and the objective, giving you a different experience for each game.

Last Night on Earth – Flying Frog Productions

The scenarios are based on classic horror movie tropes and archetypes. They range anywhere from escaping town in a truck to defending the house in the center of town to killing the entire horde of zombies! Pick a new scenario each time you play and try to win again!

Last Night on Earth – Flying Frog Productions
Last Night on Earth – Flying Frog Productions

Classic Horror Movie Feel

Another one of the cool things about Last Night on Earth is that it’s meant to feel like you’re playing out a horror movie. Each game is about 90 minutes long, the same as a standard feature length film. The characters are designed after some of the played-out tropes from movies and TV shows, like the sheriff and the high school jock. There are weapon cards, like the shotgun and the chainsaw.

A hero deck and a zombie deck give each side tactical bonuses as the game goes on. You might think the zombies are about to win, but a good draw from the hero deck might give them the advantage they need to survive and steal the win. Combat is resolved using an easy-to-understand six-sided dice system where the hero has a chance to kill a zombie and a zombie has a chance to deal damage to a hero.

Included in the box is a CD (that’s right, I said CD) soundtrack of original thematic music to pop into your CD player (that’s right, I said CD player) while playing. This enhanced the cinematic feel even further. With photographic game art and all the zombie movie tropes you could ask for, you’re bound to have a great time at your next board game night.

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Game on!

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