Meet the Neat Little Addition to Our Board Game Lineup: Tentacle Town!

We were spitballing ideas around about what to blog about this week. Then a box wheeled into our store containing our newest board game. Meet Tentacle Town from Monster Fight Club! If you missed your chance to nab this game on Kickstarter earlier this year, we’ve got some great news. You can get your copy right here at Central Gaming Corps!

Tentacle Town

Welcome to Tentacle Town! In this game you are playing the part of an adventurer that is starting a new town by the water. Watch out though, these waters are infested with tentacles! It is your job to recruit citizens, construct buildings, and hunt the tentacles on your way to becoming the most famous person, and new mayor, of Tentacle Town!

Tentacle Town – Monster Fight Club

Each player takes turns recruiting new citizens and tasking them with building up the town. Meanwhile, you’ll need to defend the town from giant tentacles in the water that threaten to ruin all of your progress. The more buildings you you have in a district, the more profitable the tasks in that district will be for you.

Tentacle Town – Monster Fight Club

In Tentacle Town, there are three different districts. In the Foundry, you create harpoons to hunt the tentacles. On the Docks, you butcher the tentacles that you hunted. In the market, you guessed it, you sell the butchered tentacles. The money from the sales can be put into multiple things. This loop creates a nice economy for you to manage.

When there are more citizens in a district, everyone at the table benefits from them! However, if you have more buildings in a district than your fellow players, you will benefit more than everyone else! If you find the right balance, you’re sure to come out on top.

At the end of each turn, the player rolls the danger die included in the box. This determines if the tentacles attack, stay calm, or if more of them pop out of the water. The more citizens there are in a district, the more likely the tentacles are to attack! Be careful, when the tentacles attack, they’ll either destroy buildings, kill citizens, or scare citizens away to run to a safer district.

Tentacle Town – Monster Fight Club

When the tentacles attack, it’s your time to shine, assuming you have a spare harpoon handy. Killing a tentacle nets you some major gains. Kill a tentacle and you earn some fame, getting you closer to being mayor, and you get some fresh calamari to butcher at the docks!

This game is for ages 6 and up, introducing young and new board gamers to some core mechanics like worker placement, area control, and resource management. Meanwhile, there’s enough strategy for veteran board gamers to come back to this game time and time again.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Tentacle Town at Central Gaming Corps or at!

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