What does Fusion Strike Bring to the Pokémon TCG Meta?

It’s that time of year again. November is TCG release season. This November, we are getting a new Magic: the Gathering set (Innistrad: Crimson Vow), Digimon set (Double Diamond), and of course, a new Pokémon set (Fusion Strike). We already got a new Yu-Gi-Oh set (Burst of Destiny). A couple weeks ago, we talked about what we were excited for in Crimson Vow.

Today, we’re talking about Fusion Strike, the newest set coming to Pokémon TCG this week! Fusion Strike brings 20 new Pokémon V, 8 new Pokémon VMAX, and a new keyword, fusion strike!

Fusion Strike Pokémon

Similar to Single Strike and Rapid Strike, Fusion Strike is a keyword in the top-right corner of multiple cards in this set. Fusion Strike brings an interesting new mechanic to standard where having multiple pokémon with the keyword on the field creates a benefit. For example, Toxtricity has a new ability, Maximum Downer, wherein if all of your Pokémon in play are Fusion Strike Pokémon, your opponents Pokémon VMAX take a -30 to their HP. This particular effect isn’t gamebreaking, but it’s an excellent example of the kind of thing that this mechanic brings to the table.

Toxtricity – Pokémon Trading Card Game

There are a few Fusion Strike cards that I would like to go over really fast.

Genesect V – Pokémon Trading Card Game

Genesect V

I really like Genesect V. Pokémon TCG has a ton of draw power, so some may say that this card isn’t totally necessary, but if you’re building a deck around the Fusion Strike Mechanic, I think that this card is an instant add. The ability to draw cards isn’t a big deal, but potentially drawing up to six card per turn is an uncommon feat. You’ll find that there is a lot of synergy between Fusion Strike cards.

Latios & Latias

Latios and Latias, again, aren’t gamebreaking cards, but they’re fun cards in a casual format, and they aren’t terrible cards to throw into a Fusion Strike deck. Latios has the ability, Blue Assist, which allows you to attach psychic energy for free to a Latias. Latias has a similar ability to attach an energy to Latios. This let’s you set up Latias, who is arguably the better of the two, to potentially start attacking on turn two while also shutting down your opponents Pokémon VMAX. So far, it’s looking like Psychic might be the powerhouse of this set.

Latios – Pokémon Trading Card Game
Mew VMAX – Pokémon Trading Card Game


I want you to picture this scenario. You have a Latios and Latias, there may also be a Genesect V and Accelgor on your bench. You have some energy in hand. Mew VMAX is your active Pokémon. Here’s why this card is good. We don’t really care about Max Miracle. 130 damage on a VMAX Pokémon is rather underwhelming. Instead, what we’re looking at is Cross Fusion Strike. You now have access to every single move on your bench. That’s insane. You can use Latias’ Dyna Barrier and have immunity to damage from your opponents Pokémon VMAX.

This almost forces your opponent to play around it with normal Pokémon or Pokémon V. At that point, you can use Max Miracle to just bully them for the 130 damage per turn.

Fusion Strike Support

These are just some of the Pokémon that I’m excited to see, but you can’t win a game with just the Pokémon alone. So let’s look at some of the support for Fusion Strike that is coming with them.

Elesa’s Sparkle

Elesa’s Sparkle is a great way to power up our new Fusion Strike Pokémon. This awesome card let’s you attach two Fusion Strike energy cards from your deck to two different Fusion Strike Pokémon. That’s excellent, considering that Fusion Strike energy is a wildcard energy. With four of Elesa’s Sparkles’ in your Fusion Strike deck, you shouldn’t ever be too hurt for energy.

Elesa’s Sparkle – Pokémon Trading Card Game
Chili & Cilan & Cress

Chili & Cilan & Cress

So you’ve got your Mew V out but you’re stalling on that Mew VMAX? Don’t worry! Chili & Cilan & Cress are here to help! This card is basically like drawing a Mew VMAX, as it allows you to search your deck for three Fusion Strike Pokémon and put them in your hand. That means up to three Mew VMAX’s going straight into your hand. You’re just as likely to go out and find the attack that you want the Mew VMAX to use and put it on the bench. That’s good synergy.

Fusion Strike Energy

No one that is reading this is a stranger to what I like to call wildcard energy. Fusion Strike is no different, save that it only attaches to Fusion Strike Pokémon and prevents all Pokémon abilities aimed at the Pokémon this is attached to. This combined with Elesa’s Sparkle create a great combo and some awesome synergy! Make sure to include both in a Fusion Strike deck.

Fusion Strike Energy – Pokémon Trading Card Game

So, needless to say, I’m excited to jump into this set and throw together a themed deck. What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook and Discord!

Check out Fusion Strike at Central Gaming Corps on Friday, November 12th and don’t forget to Game On!

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